With THE FAB, Hazebase, known for professional fog machines, presents a revolutionary hazer. THE FAB offers a variety of possibilities to create atmospheric light effects even better. The directly heated vaporizer of THE FAB is up to operating temperature within 5 seconds.

Due to the adjustability of haze density, pump power, fan speed and angle of attack of the two air baffles, almost any desired haze density can be created. A newly developed vegan, highly concentrated fluid is used. This produces the finest droplets with maximum lifetime in the air. Its two extremely quiet and adjustable fans allow it to be used in areas where ambient noise is a nuisance.

The Hazer also offers countless control options. In addition to the direct operation on the device by means of a 2.8″ touch screen, the hazer can be controlled remotely via DMX with 3 channels, as well as via Ethernet (Art-Net TM and sACN). A wired remote control is available as an option.

As standard the Hazer THE FAB is mounted in a 19″ roadcase with 2U. The 1000ml fluid tank lasts from about 150 hours at minimum settings to 3 hours at maximum output.