For decentralised DMX networks, the MA NSP (Network Signal Processor) converts the incoming Ethernet data into DMX512-A data. For data conversion, two Ethernet protocols are supported: MA-Net and Art-Net.

Data output is by means of four independent DMX connectors, two of which can also be configured as DMX inputs. The MA NSP features an intuitive menu structure, four function keys and an encoder wheel for easy configuration. A backlit LC-display with two lines of text shows all of the important information and the operating status. For professional application and maximum flexibility, the MA NSP is built in a 19” housing which is only 1U in height.

You may choose between different modes of operation when using the MA NSP. Depending on your application, a MA NSP can convert DMX inputs and outputs in an Ethernet network, serve as a DMX merger or booster, or even expand your grandMA System by additional parameters. In conjunction with grandMA2 consoles, the MA NSP can also work as a 4PortNode.

In an MA System, the MA NSP can be used as a decentralised channel expansion for all grandMA consoles (except grandMA micro + grandMA pico). For this purpose, not only the DMX signals are distributed among the MA NSP, but so are all calculations necessary. With MA NSP, the grandMA console becomes a powerful multi-processor system. The fast, bidirectional data exchange between the grandMA console and the MA NSP ensures that DMX data output on all MA NSP units is perfectly synchronized. Each MA NSP can calculate 2,048 parameters. A maximum of 16 MA NSP can be used for the output of 64 DMX lines (32,768 channels).

In a network, several consoles share the MA NSPs available. This easily allows the shared use of DMX enabled devices as well as provides for a redundant mode of operation without additional components such as DMX mergers.

Any MA NSP connected to grandMA onPC allows the software to send “real” DMX data. A total of two MA NSP can be connected to a grandMA onPC.
This converts grandMA onPC into a full-featured lighting control system for up to 8 DMX lines. When used in a shared network with a grandMA lighting console and one or more MA NSPs, grandMA onPC becomes a full-tracking backup system for up to 16,348 parameters.