Setting a new standard for compact moving heads, MAC One is a revolutionary Beam, Wash and Eye-Candy fixture, featuring a captivating Fresnel lens that transforms any stage or event into an extraordinary visual spectacle. Compact, lightweight, and highly versatile, MAC One defines a new compact class of performance lighting.

MAC One excels in three powerful feature areas. First, its narrow, high-intensity beam packs the same punch as larger, heavier fixtures to enable robust and vibrant aerial effects. Next, its stunning Fresnel lens creates a soft wash with a 4 to 27-degree zoom range, delivering seamless transitions and engaging visual effects. Rounding out the robust feature-set is an innovative backlight system with 24 RGB effect LEDs within the lens to guarantee memorable and show-stopping visual experiences.

With an impressive output of 2,500 lm and a narrow beam intensity of 375,000 cd, MAC One’s performance is unparalleled in its category. Powered by a custom-developed 120 W RGBL (Red, Green, Blue, Lime) LED engine, it ensures higher light quality (CRI, TM-30, TLCI) than traditional RGBW fixtures, appealing to discerning lighting designers.

MAC One stands out against competing fixtures by delivering an innovative combination of features in an incredibly compact and low-weight form-factor. The fixture is easy to handle and manage, opening up a world of creative possibilities for lighting designers and users. More fixtures can be used in a show without compromising weight or space limitations, resulting in lower transport costs and a significant return on investment for rental companies.

For additional versatility, MAC One can also be used with the interlocking accessory system originally created for Martin’s VDO Atomic products. Martin fourbar and matrix accessories can also be used to further extend its design potential and ease large quantity deployment. MAC One can be driven with DMX, Art-Net, sACN, and Martin P3 control systems for seamless integration into any lighting setup.

Whether you are a lighting designer, rental company, or event organizer, MAC One is the answer for creating big looks with many fixtures, utilizing a compact fixture for tight spaces or enthralling the stage with captivating eye-candy effects. Transcend expectations, empower creative expression and revolutionize the stage with MAC One.