Looking for the perfect indoor/outdoor compact, quality short to medium throw profile that won’t ruin your masterpiece when it rains? Then look no further!

A member of the Robe iSeries, the IP65-rated iPAINTE® retains all the qualities and features of its highly successful indoor brother, PAINTE®. Our groundbreaking, self-managing, low-maintenance ingress protection technology allows outdoor use of this classic fixture by removing the threat of rain, dust, humidity, smoke or haze damage, even in the harshest conditions.

With an identical footprint, DMX map and minimum weight difference, both iPAINTE® and PAINTE® can be seamlessly integrated within the same lighting rig, even next to one another!

The ingenious ingress protection system is specifically designed to allow standard maintenance and preparation procedures, such as TRANSFERABLE ENGINE exchange and gobo replacement, without any additional tools, as gobo changes, engine transfers or maintenance work can be conducted on-site.

The onboard patented RAINS™ (Robe Automatic Ingress Neutralization System) manages humidity, temperature and pressure control. The active monitoring system automatically removes any moisture detected within the fixture, providing constant monitoring to ensure peak performance.

iPAINTE® runs an ingenious Self Pressure Test to check internal pressure. This self-test, taking under 3 minutes, provides an error message if gaskets and covers were not replaced correctly or locking screws were incorrectly tightened, ensuring maximum protection.Their lightweight magnesium alloy covers, with aluminium alloy substructure, provide a dust-free environment for the optics. This eliminates the need for frequent cleaning, routine maintenance, and UV damage to plastic parts.

To maintain consistently high lumen output, even with the rigours of outdoor performance, water, dirt, dust, haze, and smoke are repelled from the front lens with our unique parCoat™ hydrophobic, oleophobic-resistant coating. Furthermore, it allows easy removal of deposits without scratching or damage.

By including NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology, you can access setup, diagnostic and performance features, even without power, directly from your mobile device using the Robe Com app.

Outdoor fixtures need to operate in extreme cold. iPAINTE® contains an innovative POLAR+™ technology – a special standby mode with low power consumption, in which the fixture´s sensors and communications channels remain active. When activated, POLAR+™ automatically maintains an internal temperature level, giving instant operability down to minus 50 degrees centigrade!

iPAINTE® features iSE-TE™ 310W White LED engines from our patented ground breaking TRANSFERABLE ENGINE technology. With a choice of HP (High Performance) 14.900 lm or HCF (High Colour Fidelity) CRI 96 9.800 lm models, these data-harvesting, fast-change IP65-rated engines allow you to select the source most appropriate to your task and easily maintain light quality and consistency across your inventory.

Colours are boundless via the advanced CMY colour mixing system. Without chromatic aberration, the motorised 6:1 ratio zoom gives a range of 8° – 48°, perfect for short to medium-throw applications.

Precise beam control is via our highly advanced, patented, Plano4™ four individual plane shutter system. With 120-degree module rotation, each blade has a full curtain effect capability.

Removing the need for distracting pre-use pan and tilt calibration movement, our patented MAPS™ (Motionless Absolute Positioning System) allows the fixture to fully calibrate while remaining static- Very useful when fixtures are located within confined spaces.

For broadcast users, iPAINTE® includes our Cpulse™ flicker-free management system for the latest camera systems and linear green content control.

Our REAP™ (Robe Ethernet Access Portal) allows access to fixture information and diagnostics over Ethernet Networks. Perfect for installations requiring remote centralised monitoring of fixture performance.