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HES Axon Media Server


Single output media server capable of 4 layers of simultaneous HD playback and up to 10 layers of content and masks. Audio playback and a full warp engine have been included in the small for chassis making Axon HD the most compact and cost effective product in our range.

Features including Collage Generator and Curved Surface Support are also included as is the largest library of stock content available in the market. The stock content has been enhanced with the addition of new HD content, allowing users to create stunning visual environments without necessarily relying on expensive custom content.

Alongside the single graphics output is a dedicated output for the CMA.
For users needing capture functionality, an external capture device can be added.



The DL.3 Digital Light integrates a media server loaded with a wealth of digital content with a high output 4-chip light engine, a highly sensitive HAD sensor camera and an infrared illumination system. DL.3 mounts like any other intelligent moving luminaire and controls just as easily with plug-and-play operation using standard DMX cabling and protocols. Production set-up time is reduced as there is no need for RGB cabling, and racks of servers are no longer necessary at front-of-house or backstage area.

A Content Management Application running on your MAC or PC workstation or laptop computer gives you remote control of uploading and crossloading content, upgrading software and fixture configuration for multiple DL.3 fixtures on a fixture network.



EVLED IMAGE VSC was designed for use with our EVLED Video panels but is also compatible with most video products on the market today. The EVLED IMAGE VSC is a combined video image processor and scaler with the latest high performance image processing technology. The EVLED IMAGE VSC allows for a DVD player, camera, etc… to be connected directly into it so no computer is needed to play video content. EVLED IMAGE VSC can handle following video without limit, include CVBS, Composite, S-Video (YC),YCbCr,YPbPr,RGBHV,VGA,DVI-D,HDMI,SDI,SD-SDI,HD-SDI.

Elation EVLED 20 IP Video Panel


20MM Pitch – IP 65 Rated Light Weight Medium Resolution Transparent LED Video Screen with Tri Color SMD LEDs.

Martin P3-100 System Controller


The P3-100 System Controller is a robust video signal processing unit that allows video to join with lighting and scenic technologies for true visual integration. Based on embedded Linux and solid state storage, just one P3-100 Controller can handle up to 500.000 pixels scaled to any size.

Martin P3-200 System Controller


The P3-200 System Controller enables DVI and SDI signals to be mapped onto the entire range of Martin LED Video products, driving up to 500.000 pixels. Featuring the integration with lighting and automation that makes the P3 System Controller family open so much new creative potential.

Martin EC-20


The EC series represents the new generation of indoor and outdoor LED screens, combining low weight and creativity with state-of-the-art image quality.

Martin EC-10


The EC-10 is a high performance, true 10 mm pixel pitch LED display panel that teams with Martin’s EC-20 to form a fully compatible EC family of LED displays that can be mixed and matched for ultimate design creativity.

Featuring the same award-winning, lightweight and cable-free design for rapid deployment, the EC-10 is 100% compatible with the EC-20 in terms of color, setup, curving, and control and processing, even accessories, allowing for seamless, mixed resolution visuals in one system.

Elation F-5D Fazer


The F-5D™ is the new evolution of the F-3™ with 5 major improvements:

1) Double haze output of original F-3™ with a finer and smoother haze flow.

2) Larger heater tubing further reduces the risk of heater clogging.

3) Even quieter than the original F-3™.
Perfect for venues where quite operation is a must.

4) Multi-languages control interface available.
More operation-friendly for users in different areas.

5) Now includes W-DMX Wireless DMX.

6) Status Indicator of the wireless DMX Connection.

7) 3 DMX modes: 2 Channel, 1 Channel, and Sync.

Reel EFX DF-50 Hazer


The Diffusion Hazer (DF-50) is a patented machine utilizing a triple filtered system that breaks down the Diffusion Fluid (food grade mineral oil blend) to a uniform 1 micron sized droplet. CAL/OSHA has concluded that these airborne mist levels do not exceed OSHA or CAL/OSHA