Special Effects

Hasebase Base*Low*Pro

The baselowpro from hazebase is a CO2 low fogger like no other. Create amazing low lying fog when used with either the hazebase baseclassic or basehigh*power foggers.

Dense low fog
Automatic and user defined programs
Control through DMX, Ethernet or Analog
Operated with external CO2 bottle
Fog height controlled via adjustable air supply
Full Color touchscreen display

Easy to find and use, the baselowpro utilizes liquid CO2.

adjustable CO2 consumption per minute: 1kg, 2kg, 3kg

Le Maitre Freezefog Pro

Freezefog Pro creates a dramatic, controllable low-lying fog effect when used in conjunction with either a G300, GForce 2, or GForce 3 fog machine and specially formulated Le Maitre fog fluid.

The low fog fluid is pumped from the smoke machine into the Freezefog where it combines with either high or low pressure liquid CO2 from a remote cylinder.

The effect is long lasting and residue free, remaining low lying and very cold. It is the system of choice on stages, in showrooms, TV studios, clubs and parks.

Elation F-5D Fazer


The F-5D™ is the new evolution of the F-3™ with 5 major improvements:

1) Double haze output of original F-3™ with a finer and smoother haze flow.

2) Larger heater tubing further reduces the risk of heater clogging.

3) Even quieter than the original F-3™.
Perfect for venues where quite operation is a must.

4) Multi-languages control interface available.
More operation-friendly for users in different areas.

5) Now includes W-DMX Wireless DMX.

6) Status Indicator of the wireless DMX Connection.

7) 3 DMX modes: 2 Channel, 1 Channel, and Sync.

Reel EFX DF-50 Hazer


The Diffusion Hazer (DF-50) is a patented machine utilizing a triple filtered system that breaks down the Diffusion Fluid (food grade mineral oil blend) to a uniform 1 micron sized droplet. CAL/OSHA has concluded that these airborne mist levels do not exceed OSHA or CAL/OSHA

Chauvet Vesuvio RGBA Fogger


Vesuvio RGBA combines the ferocious intensity of a towering fog output with the visual impact of color mixed LED wash lighting to create dramatic atmospheric columns. Vesuvio RGBA outputs an impressive 40,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. It features a fast and dependable 1.6 kW heater and a 2.5 L fluid tank. It works best with the Chauvet HDF high-density and QDF quick dissipating fluid.

Chauvet HZ-1000 Hazer


The 2-channel Chauvet HZ-1000 Ultimate Hazer is a DMX-512 equipped unit that offers adjustable output from haze to fog. It gives you an output of 1,500 cubic feet-per-minute from a 1.6 quart tank. The HZ-1000 Ultimate Hazer features a wired multi-function remote, low-fluid indicator and auto shutdown. The HZ-1000 uses water-based hazer/fog juice only.

Chauvet Geyser RGB


Make a statement with Geyser RGB — a unique effect fogger that adds a touch of drama to any performance. This powerful fogger blasts a vertical stream of safe, water-based fog while simultaneously illuminating it with 21 high-power (3 W) LEDs. A combination of red, green and blue LEDs allows you to easily mix the perfect color to illuminate the fog.

Base Hazer Pro Touring


  • DMX as serial production, 2 channels, one for the fog and one for the fan
  • 2600 W / 230V/ 50Hz plus 700 W fan
  • Amptown flightcase as serial production
  • Integrated timer
  • Continuous fogging possible
  • Ultrastrong output

Base Hazer Pro


The base hazer pro offers several completely new features, providing a new level of control to the user. With its variable output, the machine can be used effectively in any situation. This efficient model, is designed to fill anything from a small room to a large arena with a constant haze, creating the perfect atmosphere. The pump and almost silent fan are individually operable, giving the user total control of haze output and fan speed. A wide range of effects can be simply achieved, from the finest mist to a thick haze. The ready mixed fluid guarantees troublefree operation and continuous output for up to 135 hours from one 5-liter bottle.

Antari W-515D Wireless Fogger


W-515D is an upgraded version of W-515.

It features all the strengths from the W-Series, with onboard W-DMX to make it complete wireless.
The new designed piping system with electronic controlled solenoid valve, removes remaining fluid provides clear burst without excess fog, also extends the heater lifespan expectancy.